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Oct 7, 2019

On this episode of The Bull Pen, we discuss a new age way to collecting money that helps you get back to the things you love to do, Farm!
Beth Rohan grew up on a farm in Mead, Nebraska. She participated in raising livestock on the family farm, was involved in 4-H for many years and has volunteered her time as a judge at the annual National FFA convention. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Nebraska at Omaha in Business and Marketing. She worked in medical manufacturing for a number of years before entering the payments industry. She spent 13 years at PayPal working with business of all sizes to accept payments online and offline. In 2016 she started Trusted Payment Solutions to provide businesses with knowledge and expertise of customized payment processing solutions. As an entrepreneur, she is very passionate about helping other businesses grow. She works with new emerging organizations to provide education on various payment solutions and technologies.  She is a Mom of two young men both whom attend the University of Nebraska. She also loves to travel with her husband Craig.

Craig Tieken 
grew up in the Suburbs of Omaha.   He graduated from Millard South high school and received his undergraduate degree from University of Nebraska at Omaha with a double major in Banking and Finance.  He has spent the last 29 years and counting working the payments industry for companies that process payments worldwide.  Craig is a father of two grown children, one living in Nebraska and the other in Arizona. He of course, loves to travel with his wife Beth. 
Trusted Payment Solutions Website
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