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Nov 18, 2019

This episode of The Bull Pen, we talk with Dr. Kari Morfeld about elephants and collecting semen on different species.
Dr. Kari Morfeld is reproductive physiologist specializing in elephants.  She works for elephants in zoos around the country and also has a field program and laboratory in South Africa.  She is from a small farming community, Creston, NE, and after years of school and experiences working for elephants, she  began a nonprofit organization based in Nebraska called "For Elephants" in January 2019 to continue and expand her work for elephants and those that care for them on a global scale. "For Elephants” is dedicated to the survival of the world’s African elephants through research, conservation, and education. She takes on this mission to save elephants from extinction so that we may live in a world where elephants always exist.  She's using science and technology that has been used in the livestock, companion animal and human fields to increase reproductive success and care for elephants.

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